10 Gymnastics Bag Essentials

Whether it's practice or competition day, here are 10 Gymnastics' Bag Essentials evey gymnasts wants to have in their Gymnastics Bag.

1. Water Bottle- Stay Hydrated!

2. Hair Ties and Hair Clips- Gotta keep that hair back! - An accessory pouch is great for carrying this, along with any other small items that might be wanted.

3. Snacks- great healthy snacks are granola bars, piece of fruit, and cheese or meat sticks to name a few.

4. Extra Clothes- gymnastics shorts, additional leo, etc.

5. Lip Balm- gyms can be very dry.

6. Hand Sanitizer/Wipes

7. Deodorant

8. Small Towel

9. Pre Wrap/Athletic Tape 

10. Grip Bag- wristbands and grip supports - your coach will details this more on what is needed.

This list is not exhaustive.  Check with your child's gymnastics coach for more details about what is needed. 



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